This blog started out as a Facebook page called Support Baltic Pride 2013.

Baltic Pride in Vilnius was a huge success (thanks Mayor Zuokas!). And now, after almost a year of spreading the news about events in the Baltic countries that affected the LGBT community, our followers have grown, and so has our focus.

Putin helped too.

We’ve expanded our horizons to provide a place where you can find and share the latest news about a vibrant and often besieged LGBT universe in the “New Europe.” Feel free to send us comments, suggestions or updates on what’s happening in your corner of the world!

Sure, most of our coverage these days may be about Russia – but we’re also going to try and focus on what’s happening throughout the region that has inherited so much from the Soviet days.

Please be patient with us as we grow (and learn how to Tweet).

Write us at ironclosetblog@gmail.com, or visit our original FB page here.


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