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New Georgian President: “government must never allow discrimination”

Giorgi Margvelashvili, the winner of a landslide vote on Sunday to elect the country’s next President, believes that “the objective of a democratic state is to protect the rights of every citizen.”

In a written response to a series of questions posed by the voter information website, Margvelashvili outlined his views on various issues, including the protection of the rights of sexual minorities.

When asked how sexual minorities could be better integrated into socio-political life, Margvelashvili responded:

“The protection of minority rights should be specially emphasized. Modern democracy consists of balancing rule by the majority with the protection of the minority. It takes a lot of attention and effort to ensure that decisions made by the majority do not restrict minority rights.”

He went on to note that “the government should never allow any discrimination, persecution or oppression of humans on any grounds. At the same time, it must create conditions for full and creative self-expression of every human being.”

Before his election, Margvelashvili was relatively unknown in Georgia. The 44-year old philosopher rose to prominence because of his friendship and association with Georgia’s billionaire Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili, first serving as Minister of Education, then Deputy Prime Minister.

Margvelashvili has a doctorate in philosophy from Tbilisi State University and was rector of the Georgian Institute for Public Affairs.


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