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Poland’s Archbishop says gay marriage at fault for child abuse

The head of Poland’s Roman Catholic Church, Archbishop Jozef Michalik, last week blamed pedophilia on divorce, the pursuit of same-sex marriage and gay couples adopting children, according to The Telegraph.

“It goes against the laws of nature, promotes marriage between persons of the same sex and fights for the right to legalize adoption of children by these couples,” Michalik said.

Last week, Michalik apologized after the nation recoiled against his assertion that children from divorced homes are “seeking love,” and therefore drag priests into sexual abuse.

According to Reuters, he sparked an immediate backlash last week for saying victims of crime bear some responsibility.

“How many wounds are inflicted when parents divorce? We often hear that this inappropriate attitude (paedophilia), or abuse, manifests itself when a child is seeking love,” Michalik said during an interview with TVN24, Reuters reported.

The church reacted quickly, issuing a statement that condemned all paedophilia while suggesting Michalik was misunderstood. He later apologized for all “priests who have harmed children,” the Associated Press said.

The comments are further alienating large, younger populations who are falling away from the church, the AP said.

Poland is also reeling from sex abuse scandals involving their priests and children.

The AP said that since 2001, 27 Polish priests have faced charges, but few cases have resulted in jail time.

(Source: Global Post, 23 Oct 2013)



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