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Progress: Moldova kills “gay propaganda” law

On Friday, the Moldovan Parliament annulled a law that imposes fines for publishing so-called “gay propaganda.”

According to Radio Free Europe, the decision was taken on October 11 as dozens of Orthodox priests and Communist lawmakers blocked the entrance to the Palace of the Republic in Chisinau in an attempt to stop parliament from debating the issue.

Lawmakers entered the building through the back door. 53 deputies voted in favor of scrapping the controversial law.

The repeal of the law comes only a month before the European Union’s Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius, during which Moldova hopes to be offered an EU Association Agreement. Since it was adopted in June, 2013, Moldova’s version of Russia’s “anti-gay propaganda” law has been under a constant barrage of criticism from Brussels and international organizations.

Laws limiting public information about homosexuality or homosexual relations are still in force in Russia and Lithuania.  Similar legislation has been proposed in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Debate over a Russian-style ban in Armenia was suspended after the bill was withdrawn by its sponsors because of “shortcomings” exposed by critics.

(Sources: RFE/RL, GayRussia.eu)



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