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Latvian group seeks to limit EuroPride 2015

The “Protect Our Children” association in Latvia is calling for a referendum that could, among other things, place limitations on public events that would be part of EuroPride 2015, which the Latvian capital Riga was chosen to host earlier this year.

According to the Latvian news portal, “Protect Our Children” has applied to the Central Election Commission to begin collecting signatures to initiate a referendum proposing two amendments to the Law on the Protection of the Rights of the Child. The first proposed amendment calls for banning the “promotion of same-sex relations and marriage,” while the second change to the law would specifically state that: “Children are prohibited from engaging as participants or as spectators in events aimed at publicizing and promoting same-sex marriage and sexual relations.”

Association representatives were quoted by Delfi as saying that, while they believe that “everyone is entitled to a personal life, we are categorically opposed to a group of people with specific sexual preferences or tastes methodically and aggressively imposing them on the general public, including children.”

The amendments, if passed, could limit what events could be held publicly by organizers of EuroPride 2015.  “Protect Our Children” stressed, however, that the new provisions would not, for example, prohibit Pride participants from gathering, say, “in a closed room.”

EuroPride is a pan-European event dedicated to LGBT rights hosted by a different European city each year, featuring sporting and cultural events and rallies. The first EuroPride was held in London in 1992. Warsaw hosted the first EuroPride behind the former “iron curtain” in 2010. EuroPride 2014 will be held in Oslo, followed by Riga in 2015 and Amsterdam (2016) and Madrid (2017).



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