anti-LGBT violence / russia

Russian video: “They lie that they are normal.”

A new Russian propaganda video has been released — it is the most vile, false, and disgusting creation you may have ever seen. The video contains lies spread by anti-gay hate groups and purports to be based on the discredited “research study” of Mark Regnerus — although many of the lies go back decades.

The video claims that gay people want to adopt children to use them for sex, gays are forced to turn children gay, half of gays are pedophiles, gays commit 30 percent of all sexual assaults, etc.

This is what Vladimir Putin’s war on gays has invited and enabled.

The claims also seem to be based on an anti-gay website, “Everyone Should Know These Statistics On Homosexuals,” posted to Facebook by Michigan state RNC official Dave Agema, earlier this year. Many of the images are offensive as well.

John Aravosis, the LGBT blogger who posted a version of the video to YouTube, writes that “the video bases its adoption-child-rape assertion on a debunked faux-scientific “study” from Mark Regnerus, a religious right researcher whose ‘gay parenting’ study was roundly rebuked for only including two kids who actually grew up with gay parents. Yes, a whopping review of 2 children makes a scientific “study” of gay parenting.”

Watch the full video here.

(Source: The New Civil Rights Movement, 21 Sep 2013)


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