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Journalism ethics panel in Vilnius rules on LGBT video spots

According to the Lithuanian Gay League and Lithuanian news portals, the office of the Inspector of Journalism Ethics has finally ruled on those advertising clips that the LGL produced for Baltic Pride 2013 back in the spring and that Lithuanian state TV found too offensive for prime time.

Experts reviewed the two clips, and found that one did, indeed, violate the spirit of the infamous “Law on Protection of Minors from Negative Public Information.”

Experts say that the video, featuring people who specify their sexual orientation and invite viewers to take part in the LGBT pride march, promote a different concept of family and marriage than stipulated by the [protection of minors against harmful information] law(

Interestingly, just clicking on a link to see this information on another leading news portal,, brings you to a screen to verify your age.

Seems finding out about violations about the law against protection from minors also requires … protection from minors.

(h/t: LGL)baltic-pride-klipas-51949b525a9f0


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